Like A Pair of Christian Louboutins and Fresh-Out-The-Box Js All In One.

My girl Dre sent me a picture of some hideous Jordan/stiletto hybrid, because it reminded her of my tagline. Thankfully, she knew I’d never rock them. While I’m a big fan of Jordans, and an even bigger fan of Louboutins, I rather the two never go half on a baby together. Below is probably the closest thing I’ve seen to a sneaker/heel collabo that didn’t make me want to barf.

Damn, Mariah used to be fly didn’t she? Speaking of fly though, remember those jersey-dress joints? Still one of the sexiest fashion trends in my eyes. My favorite of them all though? You already know …

“5-4-3-2-1, Carolina blue kicks …”

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4 Responses to Like A Pair of Christian Louboutins and Fresh-Out-The-Box Js All In One.

  1. ashley sade says:

    i forgot which j’s they are.. but theres a magazine cover (i think it was vibe?) where christina milian is rockin some. id never do it, but theyre actually pretty clean.

    • doowaditty says:

      they’re the grey IVs i think. i’d have to say that they’re the second best i seen. still wouldn’t rock ’em though lol

  2. imee says:

    I was beginning to think I was the only one who remembers those jersey dresses! Shoot, I still have mine! Granted it doesn’t fit the way it used to, still… good times.

    • doowaditty says:

      girl, keep that shit. instant memories lol. it was fly, and who knows it may come back in style! (clothes hoarder haha)

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