Golden State of Mind

My MLK weekend was a blur. Some good friends visited from NY, but I felt like I was on vacation myself. Spent everyday of their trip with them, and a few members of the “Cabo Crew” including Nikko who will be moving to Italy along with my girl Ren on WEDNESDAY. The past few days have been bitter-sweet, but definitely amazing. The picture below pretty much sums everything up.

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3 Responses to Golden State of Mind

  1. sewbie says:

    I’m a friend of Lindo’s & I saw a pic of you on his instagram & was all “oh shit I think I read that girl’s blog!” lol small freakin world. Love that you guys know each other. Him and I go way back. Funny dude.

    • doowaditty says:

      aw that’s so awesome! me and my girls met lindo during his buddy chris’s bachelor party and my birthday party in cabo and we’ve all kept in touch ever since. any friend of lindo’s is a friend of mine 🙂 thanks so much for reading!

      • sewbie says:

        My pleasure. I’m definitely a fan. I feel like we would’ve been friends if we were in the same state. lol. Lindo & crew are lucky to have met you in person mama! Keep up the writing and pursuit of your goals. I’m trying to start my own venture myself (& have gone thru all the guy bullshit) so a lot of your writing speaks to me!

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