Happy Friday everyone! I’m getting buzzed just thinking about this weekend’s festivities, but some friends are in town from NY and it’s the last weekend before two of my favorite-tist people fly off to Italy so shots, laughs, and incriminating pictures are definitely in order! For those of you looking to get into something as well, check out a few events below.

01.13: Please check out the grand opening of O3 Bistro Lounge on 524 VanNess Ave. in SF tonight! The owner is a very talented chef, and just so happens to be Rach’s brother in law!

01.14: I’m sure everyone will be watching the Niner vs. Saints game tomorrow, so whether you’re parking lot pimpin or getting wasted at a sports bar, make sure to do it in style and cop some gear from the good peoples at Adapt Clothing.

Take a nap or just stay drunk and keep the party going at Eve Lounge after for their Coming to America party.

Or head over to 111 Minna to get your 90s Cybertek and Mecca on!

01.17 And I know Tuesday isn’t the weekend anymore, but I’m too excited NOT to suggest the Immortal Cirque du Soleil show at the Oracle on Tuesday and Wednesday. See yall there!

Be safe everyone, and have an amazing weekend!

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