Control + Alt + Delete – Throwback Thursdays 01.15.11

I see your finger hovering over his number on your iPhone – don’t do it. At least not just yet. So that you can remember the hour long phone conversations you two used to have at 1 in the morning like high school sweethearts. And maybe, just maybe you’ll get to see his name and your favorite picture of him and his adorable little niece pop up on your screen once again.

I see your cursor blinking over that picture. The very first one you two ever took that you both actually liked and both actually looked good in. Don’t do it – at least think it over a little. So that in the mean time you can remember the second right after you took it when you two smiled in approval, not just at the picture but at a future with each other in it.

And I know he gave that to you and it reminds you of him and only him in a sea full of hims, but please – don’t do it. It’s not that serious, I swear. So after you stop hurting, you can remember how good he made you feel and the little things be said or did or gave you to make you feel that way.

Because even if you delete his number, even if you get rid of his gifts, and even If you drag each and every picture of him into the trash, he will stil exist in your HEART. His laughter will still resonate in the hallways of your soul, his “morning beautiful’s” will still echo in your ears, the secrets and dreams you’ve shared will still linger in your brain, and his touch will remain as vivid as the first time he held your hand.

So before you go trying to delete him from your phone, and your computer, and your room, just remember that it takes more than a click of a mouse or a little Spring cleaning to delete him from your heart.

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5 Responses to Control + Alt + Delete – Throwback Thursdays 01.15.11

  1. Zandrhea says:

    >So true. Literally how I feel RIGHT now.

  2. J says:

    Ahhhh. This is what I go through EVERY time. But I’m torn. I feel like if I don’t delete all our “history” I will always revisit it. Because it’s there.

    But then after I delete everything, I always feel like I shouldn’t have! Why must it be so complicated?

  3. Ria says:

    You are always in my head. I don’t delete or throw anything out for this reason.

  4. little ms says:

    Omg wow I could soo soo relate!!! Ugh stupid guys stupid relationships

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